28 settembre 2008


No, non proprio io, beh sì va bene magari un po' daccordo, e comunque nemmeno Caparezza.

Quello che stavolta non ha capito molto della vita è tale Yanike Mann (yanikem_at_gmail_dot_com).

Exhibit A

My name is Yanike Mann. I'm fixing to start an new BSD Operating System project with a team of developers and I was wanting to know how much would modifications cost? I have plans of using this office suite because it's already on the core OS we are building the new OS on, but I want to change it up some, add new features and let my graphic designers and template makers create loads of templates for it, exclusively for my OS. So, pretty much it's going to be a new Office suite and I was wondering how much will it cost to get it done? Also, how much does your company charge to build new apps?

Exhibit B

My name is Yanike Mann. Love Rhythmbox!!! I'm contacting you to get permission to have Rhythmbox as the default media player for my Operating System. Also, I wanted to know how much your company will charge to have an exclusive version of your Rhythmbox made for my Operating System?



Se ne trovate altre, vi prego, mettetemele nei commenti. Ah, comunque appena pronto io passo a BSD, sia chiaro!

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